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> 50 Rising Starts 2013
( Newstime:2014-10-12 )

    While China is quickly taking up the position as worldwide manufacturing hub ,the stereotypical image of products “ Made-in-China”made global buyers hesitant about working closely with some Chinese companies,however,based on the latest 2013 survey on worldwide major professional security buyers by a&s ,Chinese products are ready to prove their worth with improved quality and service .

    Many major security professional , who target Asian products ,have started to buy more from China based on the A&S survey .price remains a decisive factor for choosing Chinese products .however ,we also find some Chinese manufacturer are gradually catching up with the international standard of R&D and quality control by adopting certified process management and advanced manufacturing equipment and resources .they are the rising star from China , following Hikvision and Dahua technology , and are takeing  proactive action to penetrate the global market .
Just like DaLi,JXJ,FSAN , AVStart ..............................