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> DVR network setting
( Newstime:2012-3-3 )
Step 1enter Mainmenu---NetworkShowing below picture
IP: input an IP as your recent network segment’s IPmake sure this IP is different from the IPs of your other 
Subnet MaskGatewayPrimary DNS and Secondary DNS are same as that of the Router

TCP port:34567 you can change other port if you want to HTTP port:88you can change to other one, 

for example :81, 82 and so on

Step 2Router forwarding:
Enter the backgroud of the Router:“forwarding rules”--“virtual server”“add item”

Add the TCP port (34567) and HTTP port (88) to the Router; for the IP address, input your DVR’s IP.

Step 3:Remote viewing DVR by WAN: 3 ways
1.Login the address: www.dvrcenter.com
a. under the “menu selection”, choose “ by device”
b: download the Web ActiveX, and enable this activeX,
c: “Info”---”Version”----”SerialNo”, inputthe SerialNo, then login.
2. Remote viewing by IP:
Find the IP in the Router, for example:, then you enter below address: is HTTP port
3. DDNS viewing:
Register an account (user name and password) in no-ip.com or other free DNS webistes, and fix the account in your Router or DVR, then you can remote viewing DVR.