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> Warranty Procedures
( Newstime:2016-11-25 )

Langshixing Warranty Procedures

A.Warranty Term

1.Standard warranty is 21+3 month effective from date of shipment.
From 2014 April ,LangShiXing promises: Free lifetime warranty for product mainboard if non-human damage !

2.warranty doesn’t include accessory kit.
3.During warranty period, LSX will at no additional charge , replace defective parts.
4.Freight from ***site to LSX is at **expense while LSX will responsible for freight for returning goods after repairing at LSX site .

B. Maintenance in **country

1.LSX allow ***to do the maintenance of the products , following the instructions below.
a.when ***receive products that fail to function ,function improperly or are blemished , you need to send a written report to LSX describing the disable .
b.LSX analyses the report and send to ** repair instructions .
c.** made the all repairs and the  warranty countries valid , respecting the standard warranty mentioned on item 1 warranty term .

C. DOA (death on arrive )
DOA is appointing to the products that fail to function , function improperly or are blemished when arriving at **site without given notice beforehand , the ways following up are
1.** need to 100% inspection ,the identified DOA will send back to supplier at supplier expense .
2. DOA claims need to be done within 30days after goods arrive at ** site .
3.**needs to provide status report by attaching a DOA claim from when claims are about to mad to assure the products problems
4.LSX will provide a DOA testing report , in case there is no trouble found , **needs to pay the round-trip freight .
5. LSX will swap the brand new products within 7days after DOA is returned .

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